The Toronto Chapter's Story
BHS Alumni Association Toronto Chapter

The Bishops’ High School Alumni Association, Toronto Chapter (BHSAA Toronto) was founded by three alumni—Patricia Moore,
Aileen Morgan and Lynette Spence—on July 28, 1985 with the initial aim of bringing together fellow alumni to assist the alma mater
in Georgetown. The group quickly expanded that vision. Twenty-five years later, the Toronto Chapter’s cultural and professional
contributions, community outreach and social networking have made it one of the leading organizations within the large Guyanese
Canadian community in Ontario and one of ten International Chapters in key locations where Guyanese reside.

Bishops’ High School, Georgetown, Guyana was founded by the Anglican Church in 1870 and maintains the distinction of producing
graduates who hold leadership positions in all spheres of life throughout the world. The school motto -
Labor Omnia Vincit, along
with the school’s guiding principle -
Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might, continue to be the inspiration for
both former and current students to engage in celebrating their outstanding BHS academic and cultural education through service to
the school and to the wider community.

One of the first Guyanese alumni associations established in Toronto, the Chapter has readily shared many of its pioneering
endeavours with other emerging organizations in the community. Since its inception, BHSAA Toronto has established a network of
professionals, academics, financial and business consultants, and entrepreneurs who support one another, engage in joint projects
and participate in the activities of other alumni and community organizations.

In order to achieve its primary objective of providing assistance to the school, the Toronto Chapter has organized a variety of
fundraising activities both independently and through collaborative efforts with other alumni associations.

Over the last 25 years, BHSAA Toronto has contributed almost half‑a‑million Canadian dollars in financial and non-financial aid to its
alma mater. The largest project undertaken has been the establishment and maintenance of a fully networked Computer Lab with
current software. Other aid includes infrastructural and curriculum support, annual bursaries for students, and identified school-
based needs and library resources. The invaluable support which the Toronto Chapter continues to make to the school contributes to
improved student achievement—academic and cultural—and prepares students for both nationhood and world citizenship.

BHSAA Toronto was the first Alumni Association to initiate an Interactive Volunteer Program whereby “volunteers” return to the
school to use their diasporic experiences and qualifications to motivate and mentor current students.

Over its history, the Toronto Chapter has successfully organized the following key initiatives which promote academic excellence and
showcase our rich Guyanese heritage:

•  Initiated the Annual Bursary Award Program (1997) to enable children of BHS alumni and students from the Guyanese Canadian
community to pursue higher education.

• Mounted two major Theatrical Productions—A Christmas Story (1988) and A Wedding for Miss Jane (1990).

• Hosted an Art Exhibition of Guyanese Women Artists (1994)—a “first” for any Guyanese Canadian community organization.

• Produced a major Variety Concert—Musical Memories (1997).

• Produced Annual Literary Evenings for 23 years, featuring an assortment of poems, short stories, skits and excerpts from books
predominantly written by Guyanese and Caribbean authors.

• Established the BHS Singers over 20 years ago to perform Guyanese folk and national songs at various community events.

• Created a Circle of Support Program (2003) to provide assistance for alumni and Guyanese Seniors, particularly during illness or
bereavement, and visits to bring “Christmas Cheer”.

• Hosted two BHS International Reunions (1987 & 2008).

• Co-developed Last Lap Lime (1995)—one of the largest annual Guyanese community festivals in North America—with Queen’s
College, St. Stanislaus, St. Rose’s and St. Joseph’s Alumni Associations.

• Co-produced the play, The Last of the Redmen (2007), with Queen’s College Alumni Association.

• Co-hosted the Annual Twelfth Night Dance since 2000 with Queen’s College Alumni Association.

• Provided volunteer teacher-administrators for a Saturday Morning Mentorship Program initiated by the Youth Arm of the Alliance
of Guyanese Canadian Organizations.

• Established a long-standing working relationship with the Guyana Consulate by actively participating in many of the Consulate’s
cultural/educational initiatives and special events, e.g., Guyana Independence Festival Committee.

In this 25th  Anniversary year, BHSAA Toronto received two community awards:

2010 Guyana Award for Community Service (Organization), and a 2010 Ontario Newcomer Champion Award.

In addition, individual members of the Chapter have utilized their personal and professional expertise to perform volunteer work
within the Guyanese Canadian and the wider society, resulting in awards for outstanding community service and leadership.

The Toronto Chapter of the Bishops’ High School (Guyana) Alumni Association takes this opportunity to say “THANK YOU” to our
families, friends and loyal supporters who have enabled us to develop and sustain this vibrant association for 25 years.